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In 2011, I left my corporate marketing job and relocated from Nashville to Denver. I wasn't yet connected in the business community, and the right position didn't immediately surface. It was a time of excitement mixed with uncertainty. I rented a place on Wazee Street and began taking on freelance projects from home. Thus, Wazee Marketing was born. 

Other than being the name of a well-known street in lower downtown Denver, the word Wazee (pronounced Wah-zee) didn't appear to have an inherent meaning or even much of a story. It was one of those words that held a positive connotation because of its vibrant location, some inherent sass, a playful and creative spirit, and a lot of possibility. It seemed to fit.

In the course of the next 2.5 years, I relocated Wazee Marketing to Wynkoop Street and had the pleasure of working with clients from companies of all sizes, across multiple industries, on a variety of projects. 

In 2013, I returned to my former corporation in a remote marketing role, and Wazee Marketing went into hibernation. Six years later – after my journey took me into sales management, followed by a leadership position in a local company – I found myself back "home" and officially re-launched Wazee Marketing in 2019. I'm exceptionally grateful for where I've been and excited about the road ahead.

Most of the photos throughout my site feature elements from a brick wall in my former place on Wazee Street. What was once the exterior facade of a historic downtown building was preserved as an interior condo wall many years later.  Every time I looked at this wall, I was creatively inspired...It was structurally designed with purpose, constructed with skill and workmanship to withstand the test of time, and has unmistakable character.

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